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Optical Illusion

9 Optical Illusions That Will MESS With Your MIND

9 Optical Illusions That Will MESS With Your MIND

Ever gotten tricked from looking at a photo? Art and photography can create some of the most mind blowing things you’ll ever see in your lifetime.

It’s amazing how shadows and highlights can make the flattest canvas look like it stretches for miles! When it comes to imagery and art, it seems that humans have managed to come up with an endless amount of ways to mess with our brain and trick our psyche.

It’s quite fascinating. There are ways to trick the brain into thinking it’s looking at something that isn’t there. For example, body painting plus contortions of the human body can look like you’re seeing a photo of an animal.

But once the models move, you’ll find that it’s actually a few people taking on the shape of said animal. How amazing is that?

In this video, you will see a bunch of photos that will mess with your mind. Optical illusions will always remains a favorite, and people enjoy looking for Easter eggs in photos. What will the next epic masterpiece be? Only time will be able to answer that question.

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