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Card Box Monte Magic Trick

Card Box Monte Magic Trick

Card Box Monte Magic Trick

This trick involves three Card Boxes and a matchbox with dried peas inside it. As you can guess it’s a deception trick where only one person can win… You!! And you will every single time and they do not realise how simple it is to win.

You need to build up the suspense too so it pulls the audience into the trick. They become mesmerized especially when you change the speed of the changes within the trick.. Try it out and enjoy the trick.

Basically you show three card boxes and shake them to reveal that only one of these boxes has dried peas inside it. You then move the boxes around the table and stop.

Change the speed of moving the boxes so it looks like they know which box they are seeing, then speed it up to make them think you are trying to confuse the audience.

Ask the spectator who would have been following the movements which box the peas are in.. They pick the correct box and they win that round.

This time you ask them to put money on it.. You do the same movements again and ask the spectator to choose which one has the peas inside it.. this time they are incorrect and you win!!

Let us watch the demo below. It will show you the performance and the reveal. It’s priceless and worth carrying in your street arsenal!!

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