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Card Magic Phoenix Enchanted Card simple amazing magic trick |2019|

Card Magic Phoenix Enchanted Card simple amazing magic trick |2019|

High entertainment value magic where a spectator chooses card from the deck. Card Magic Phoenix Enchanted Card

The magician then holds out the closed pack at arms length in front of the spectator and while mumbling some magic words, commands the spectators card to rise up through the pack like a phoenix from the ashes,Card Magic Phoenix Enchanted Card

This super card levitation magic trick uses only a simple adaptation to a playing cards box and requires only a pack of playing cards.

This is great example of close up magic and is a favorite trick of a lot of good table magicians. This page contains step by step photos

A simple magic gimmick allows an impressive card through deck levitation. The pay off from a little practice time is the satisfaction that you get by watching your audience’s look of astonishment.

Tips : This street magic style rising card trick gets a good response but can be greatly improved by an entertaining performance and chat by the magician. Practicing the timing and smoothness of the card moving up from the deck should pay dividends by enabling you to present a polished performance.

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