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Card Spin Tutorial Flourish Technique

Card Spin Tutorial Flourish Technique

The Card Spin is known as a flourish and it can look impressive when you are performing card magic. It is not necessarily a card trick but it does show your showmanship in a better light if you can successfully spin a card on your middle finger.

Many magicians use this type of flourish to enhance a performance as it is impressive to look at, one card spinning on a finger like a plate on a stick. Worth learning, it will take plenty of practice as it does take a while to learn how to do it correctly. It is what we call a knacky move.

So to do this trick you will need a playing card and a lot of patience to get it right.

We have a video demonstration below which will go through the technique required to get the method correct.

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Card Spin Tutorial Recap

The Card-Spin needs some preparation from you as you practice. Try to balance the card straight onto your finger. Take the card straight from the deck and then gently press your thumb and middle finger on the middle of the card.

Then lift your thumb and see if the card is balanced. Trying to find the middle of the card is the hardest bit.

So now you have found the middle you will use your first finger to spin the card. Press the finger into the card and pull it back slightly which will give you the spin to make the card twist.

Then force your finger forwards and lift your thumb enough to keep friction to a minimum and still keep it as a pivot with your middle finger. It should spin nicely.

Keep practicing the move until it comes naturally to you and I promise you that it will. I have been doing it for years but it took a while to learn how to do it properly. The method shown in the video is a basis for you to do it and you might even find your own way of doing it which you will be comfortable doing.

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