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Card Tricks-Buttery Smooth False Cut Tutorial

Card Tricks-Buttery Smooth False Cut Tutorial

Learn a smooth false cut which you can use to pretend the deck is in a different order. It really fools your audience, so it is worth spending your time learning the moves and timings needed to make it look slick.

You will need a deck of cards which are in a particular order you want to keep. Say for instance you want to keep the top 4 cards in order, this is the move you will need.

Watch the video below to learn this really crafty false cut.

You grasp the deck and place it down on to the table.

You then split the deck taking between half to two thirds of the deck and put that pile of cards down, after which you take about half of that pile and place it down on the table.

Three Piles

You should have three piles of cards now.

Try to remember to keep these piles as square as possible so they look neat and tidy. It is very pleasing to the eye if you can pull this off and it does add an element of class to your performance.

With practice you will perform this move without thinking about it, but it does take time and plenty of practice to originally master it.

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