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Coin Through Mint Box

Coin Through Mint Box

The Coin Through Mint Box is a fantastic trick to learn and is a bit of a gimmick trick. It is something you can do if you carry the Tic Tac box around with you.

Tic Tacs are a mint that people chew on to help freshen breath. This trick will allow you to show a penny penetrating the box and fool your audience into thinking you have magically pushed a penny through the mint box.

The secret is in loading the box ready before you perform. There are ways of doing this like opening the box up, gently pushing the coin onto the lip of the box then pushing the lid down catching the coin behind the label.The other way is to pinch the box making a little gap where the coin can slip into nicely behind the label of the mint box.

One other good tip is to keep the pennies facing in the same direction, so if you place the coin in the box and after shaking the box the head is showing, make sure that the head side is also showing in the other coin you have in your fingers.  It will keep the trick very symmetrical.

Coin Through Mint Box Recap

So I hope you have learned the method of the coin in box trick and you have learned how to watch your angles.

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