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Cut and Restored Rope- Magic Trick

Cut and Restored Rope- Magic Trick

Cut and Restored Rope – Magic Trick is a brilliant little trick anyone can do… What you need is a rope (roughly 3ft to 5ft long), a pair of scissors and a wand or something to distract the attention of the audience.There are many different ways to perform the cut and restore rope trick, but most or all are variations on two basic methods.

The first way is the method we will show you and involves using misdirection to make the audience think that the rope is being cut in the middle, but the fact is it is being cut close to the end of the rope.

This way it results in a piece of rope almost as long as the original length minus the knot and the audience will not notice the difference in length.

The second way of performing this involves using a second piece of rope of the same type as the main rope but a lot smaller, and cutting that small piece instead.

This can be done by many types of sleight of hand tricks but tying it to the main rope to disguise it as the loop of a knot is the most common method.

When the magician takes away the knot, the original rope is completely untouched or shorter.

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