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David Blaine Mind Reading Card Magic Trick

David Blaine Mind Reading Card Magic Trick

Find Out How David Blaine Can Guess the Card that You Are Thinking Of With This Spectacular Mind Reading Trick

Effect :- A deck of cards is presented by David to his spectator. The cards are held out in front of the spectator and the deck is riffled through quickly by giving the spectator a glimpse of each card. The spectator is asked to memorize any one of the cards that they have viewed and David is able to correctly predict the card that they are thinking about.?
This mind reading trick is a very convincing effect and is surprisingly easy to perform.

The magic trick depends on a simple sleight of hand and some clever timing.

In the video below, David Blaine performs the psychic stunt and the explanation then follows.

Explanation :- This trick is best done with a picture card. The secret to this trick is to make sure that there are no other face cards in the deck near to the card that you want the spectator to choose.

( In the above case, the queen of spades.) Also it is important to make this card very slightly more visible than the others to your audience. We are only talking a fraction of a second but this is enough for your spectator to subconsciously notice the card.

An easy way to do this is to take a playing card of the same design as the pack that you have and cut it across its short side so that the card is now approximately one third shorter than the other card.

Place the shortened card directly below the card that you want the audience to pick. Now when you are riffling through the deck, when you come to the shortened card, your finger should automatically get a better grip on the queen and pull it slightly further back than the others.

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