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Easy Card Magic Tricks: the Spelling Trick

Easy Card Magic Tricks: the Spelling Trick

This trick is called Name That Card In One. You produce a normal deck of playing cards and ask a spectator to cut the deck anywhere they like. They remove the card they have cut to without letting you see it and concentrate on its design.

After a few moments concentration, you announce the exact card they have chosen. You have read their mind! You have named that card in one!!

One of the easiest methods of stacking a deck is the Si Stebbins system. In this system, each card has a value; a jack is valued 11, a queen 12 and a king 13. All the other cards take their respective value, with an ace valued 1.

The suits are also arranged in the order clubs, hearts, spades, diamonds. The easiest way to remember this order is by using the word ‘chased’, as this word helps you to remember the order of the suits.

To help you with Name that Card in One, watch the video below; it will show you how to set up the cards.

Start with any club, then for the next card in the stack add 3 to its value and make it a heart. For the next card, add 3 again and make it a spade. For the next card, add 3 again and make it a diamond. When you are adding 3 to 11, 12 or 13, subtract 13 to get the value of the next card. The system repeats like this until the whole deck is stacked.

For instance, if you started with the 3 of clubs (3C), the stacked order would be:

3C, 6H, 9S, QD, 2C, 5H, 8S and so on.

Place the cards face up as you stack them.

This is important later on, if the spectator tries to ‘reconstruct’ the trick and work out how it was done. If they can remember you casually spreading the cards, they will discount any theories about the deck being in a special order or perhaps all the same card.

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