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Easy Spoon Bending Tricks-Very Simple Trick

Easy Spoon Bending Tricks-Very Simple Trick

Two easy spoon bending tricks explained. Simple street magic to amaze.

Spoon bending has fascinated people for a good while now and still has a great sense of mystery to it. Uri Geller popularized it when he appeared on global television in the 1970’s where he claimed to bend spoons using the power of his mind.

Two easy methods are shown here to simulate the art of spoon bending magic. They are easy to learn and make good impromptu magic tricks.

Simple street magic for the beginner magician.

Learn a great trick for restaurant or bar entertainment.



The magic instruction video below here shows the tricks being performed and then reveals the secret.

A little time and patience put into practicing the two tricks should be well rewarded. Although the spoon bending tricks are relatively easy to do, like most routines, they benefit from a little practice.

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