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Elmsley Count Tutorial Magic sleight

Elmsley Count Tutorial Magic sleight

The Elmsley count tutorial. It is a card sleight.

Below we have TagsMagic teaching us the best way of performing this move to disguise another card in a pile of cards.

It requires plenty of practice and skill, but it is easy to master if you practice. You will find many tricks that use the elmsley (ghost) count.

You basically take the first card from the top of the pile and move it to the bottom, whilst doing that you push two cards from the top as one card..

That is the secret you will have to master.. then place those two cards on the bottom.. then continue showing the cards..

It will take a while to learn and to master it will take plenty of practice. You will need to just keep dealing out the cards then focus on perfecting the count as you deal.

It is very deceptive and the audience will not see if it is performed correctly.

There are many tricks that need you to learn this sleight so get practicing!!

Watch the trick below and learn a brilliant sleight to add to your arsenal!!

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