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My Favorite Bar Tricks: Be the Center of Attention

My Favorite Bar Tricks: Be the Center of Attention

1. Blow Me

Fold a bottle cap in half and place it halfway in the neck. Bet anyone anything that they can’t blow the cap into the bottle. It’s impossible because of physics, bro. This is the trick I use most often to cut off drunken patrons who are getting unruly. I’ll say: “I’ll tell you what…if you can blow this bottle cap into this bottle without touching it, I will pour you another drink, but if you can’t, you will drink this glass of water and go to schleepy.” I have a 85% success rate, with the other 15% going to BJs on beer bottles.

2. Smoke Waterfall

Lots of prep/materials required. Watch the vidya…

3. Shattered Dreams

Once you have the two bottles balanced with the bill between them like the picture in the left, fold the bill like the picture on the right to make a little canyon. Drop your finger into said canyon fast and hard and if you’re good the bill will escape without disturbing the bottles. And if you’re not good, people will laugh at your shattered ego (and bottles).













4. What’s taller?

If you ask most people if the height or circumference on a pint glass is taller, they will say the circumference. What I like to do is then add items under the pint glass one by one, like my wallet, phone, a stack of napkins, etc. and ask them each time what they think is taller. You have about 4 inches to play around with, which makes the pint glass look pretty high. Test it out on your own and then go blow some drunken minds.

5. Get a cork out of a wine bottle


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