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The Gamble Performance Card Trick.

The Gamble Performance card trick.

The Gamble Card Trick is a very simple trick which uses three cards. They can be any three cards of your choosing such as Ace Two Three of clubs, King Queen Jack of hearts as long as they are in an order.

If you wish to use the seven of hearts, the eight of diamonds and the nine of spades that is also possible, but it must be easy to follow.

This trick is also great for winning money.  Many people enjoy a punt and if you offer two to one then people may have a go at guessing where the card lays at the end.

Here at Free Magic Tricks and Illusions we want you to use the sleights we teach and this trick is fantastic for putting your Double Lift practice into action. If you can double lift then you can perform this. I will explain on the reveal how to do a near perfect Double Lift with only three cards…

Watch the performance of the trick below and see if you can work out when the double lifts are used.

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