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Hang a spoon on your nose

Hang a spoon on your nose-New Magic Trick 2019

Hang a spoon on your nose

Want to learn how to perform the classic parlor trick of hanging a spoon on your nose? If so, this video can teach you how in a few short steps. First, it’s a good idea to take a napkin or paper towel and wipe any oil from the outside of your nose. This helps to prevent the spoon from slipping. Next, you’ll want to also wipe off the spoon itself, especially if it is dirty or has food on it. The last step is to hold the cupped section of the spoon up to your mouth and breathe some hot air onto it Hang a spoon on your nose

. This creates a fine layer of moisture on the spoon and helps to act as an adhesive so it will stick to your nose better. Place the spoon on the ball of your nose so that the handle is pointing down towards the floor and it should stick for a few minutes. This easy-to-do trick works for all types of noses. It is not recommended that you run around or make drastic movements or the spoon will fall off prematurely.

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