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Haunted matchbox Magic Revealed-Very easy Trick

Haunted matchbox Magic Revealed-Very easy Trick

Haunted Matchbox Trick is an illusion you can do on the street without too much preparation. Once you have constructed the gimmick you can continue to use this wonderful visual piece of magic to anyone who comes to you on the street.

What you will need is a matchbox with a few matches in it, and a piece of fishing line or wire. Do not use invisible tread as you will find it is just not strong enough to perform with and might break. You should also have a pin or paper clip to fasten the wire to a pocket or belt.

Make a hole in the centre of the matchbox and the tray and thread the line through both holes. In the film it says tie the end of the line to a match, but I personally just tape it down with some see through tape and then stick a piece of cardboard the same size as the tray over the the knot as I use this as a card production.

But that is for another trick… (I simply get a card signed and fold it into a small package, then I dump the cards and push the card into the matchbox before I bring the matchbox out.. That way you can do a reveal.

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