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Incredible Joker Card Switch-Card Trick

Incredible Joker Card Switch-Card Trick

This page shows the performance and then explains an incredible card switch trick where a joker amazingly takes the form of a spectator’s secretly chosen Card Trick

This card change trick looks absolutely spectacular and requires just a few easy to do card sleights.

The mechanics of these card sleights are expertly demonstrated in the instruction video on this page

This cool magic illusion requires only a pack of playing cards and an easy to make card gimmick.

Effect : -Your audience member secretly chooses a random card which is memorized by them a placed back into the deck. the deck is then thoroughly shuffled so that their card is well and truly lost.

The magician then explains that he will insert a joker card into the pack to find the spectators card. On checking the position of the deck that the joker was inserted an amazing transformation is revealed.

Take advantage of this fast paced entertaining card sleight with a really powerful finish.

Well worth investing a little time into the workings of the trick to enable yourself to be able to perform this very entertaining card trick.

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