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Learn Cool Magic Tricks-Rubber Band Through Thumb

Learn Cool Magic Tricks-Rubber Band Through Thumb

How to perform the Rubber Band through Thumb magic trick. Everyone likes a quick trick and this is a great illusion to perform when you have a rubber band handy. So next time you are in an office, why not grab a rubber band and do this to amaze your friends and family.

Below is the tutorial on how to perform this little miracle and all the information needed to practice it.

You need a rubber band. It is better to use a coloured rubber band so you can see the effect better. In the video you can see a yellow one but any colour like red, blue, green works just as well. Of course you can use a normal coloured one but the effect does look better with a brightly coloured rubber band.

So to get in position, place the rubber band around the thumb of your right hand then place the middle and ring finger of your left hand through the other end of the rubber band.

Now swing your middle finger around and grab the top string of the rubber band and pull down, then twist your left hand around to make a cross on the band and place your thumb down and pull, this will create a slip knot under the thumb which you can hide.

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