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Magician performing levitating trick With amazing magic magic trick 2019

Magician performing levitating trick with paper cup magic trick 2019

Cup Levitation Trick

This cool levitation magic trick looks like you are levitating a paper cup. Check out the amazing video demonstration.

Effect: The magician announces that they are going to make an empty cup float. They release their grip on the cup and it appears to float in mid air.magic levitation trick

Method: Take an empty large paper or styrofoam cup. Carefully make a hole in one side of the empty cup, big enough for your thumb to stick through. If the empty cup is made of styrofoam,  you could even push your thumb straight through it.

The video above shows a similar method of doing the trick.

Hold the empty cup with both your hands and facing the others in your party, announce that you are going to try and make the cup float in mid air. Have one thumb pushed through the nearest side of the cup to you, out of view of your audience.

Then, appear to be concentrating your mind on the cup and gradually open up both hands at the same time. While doing this, push your hands slightly forward as if you are following the floating cup and eventually grab the cup with both hands. Now, discreetly slip your thumb out from the side of the cup.

This is a simple illusion but it looks great when done at the right angle. Practice in front of a mirror to make sure that you get the angles and the timing right.

Magicians view. The thumb is sticking through this side of the cup. Spectators view. The thumb through the cup is not visible at this side.
1)Magicians view with thumb through cup. 2) Spectators view, thumb not visible.

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