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Magic Trick-How to Move a pencil with your mind

Magic Trick-How to Move a pencil with your mind

Here at FMTAI we have free magic tricks revealed videos on the site to help you learn magic in your own way and in your own time.  We reveal cool magic tricks that have lasted the test of time.

Magic Trick-How to Move a pencil with your mind.You will need to spend many hours practicing these tricks but once you have mastered the sleights and the method, you will become a great magician.

We have many videos on our pages and cater for many different types of tricks.

You can learn how to perform street magic, card tricks, tricks with money, rubber bands and other pieces of equipment lying around your house. It is a complete and comprehensive guide to magic and illusions.

Why not try looking at some of our articles that will help you in the academic side of magic, how to perform in dark rooms and what music fits which type of magic, all these articles are available on our magic articles page.

On Free Magic Tricks and Illusions we strive to find the best tricks for you to learn at a pace you feel comfortable with. Of course practice involves time and what better way to spend time than to learn about magic and illusion in a good environment. 

The trick on this page shows you how to move a pencil using the power of your mind, well that is what your spectator thinks. You actually blow on the pencil in a controlled way that fools the audience into thinking you have the power in your mind to move it.

Watch the video and learn how to contol your breath using a very small slit in your lips, control the breath to hit the pencil so it moves slowly and in a controlled fashion. It is very simple and easy to perform if you practice this. Make sure you balance the pencil correctly on the edge of the table, that pivot helps the pencil move freely and under the power of your breath.

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