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Make a Pen Disappear-Free Magic Trick

Make a Pen Disappear-Free Magic Trick

This free magic trick is an impromptu trick where you can make a pen disappear in front of a spectator. It is very simple trick to do and we will show you how to finish off looking clean.

David Blaine, Derren Brown and Cris Angel have probably learned how to perform this method.

What you will need is a pen and to make sure you are wearing either a baggy long sleeve shirt or a jumper with wide cuffs.

The technique you will use is called the flip stick technique and we will go through the process so you can perform it well.

You hold the pen with both hands. You hold it using the thumb and first and middle fingers. This will help you create the illusion of making it disappear.

You flick the pen in your right hand with your middle finger. You create pressure so it snaps the pen against the palm of your hand. The thumb becomes a counter lever against the pen. The pen finishes on the top of the middle finger and the thumb. The first finger hides the end of the pen. It is deceptive as it looks like the pen has vanished.

You need to clean this up by using the tips below to get the pen up the sleeve.

You then gently tip the hand upwards so it falls into the sleeve making the pen vanish. That is the hard bit. You can use the index finger to flick the card up the sleeve. It is a little bit of a technique in itself but once you practice it a few times, you will pull it off.

It is pretty impressive if you watch the video carefully.

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