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Pen Through Bottle Magic Trick Easy And Simple

Pen Through Bottle Magic Trick Easy And Simple

Pen Through Bottle magic trick by Calen Morreli.

This is a great trick which needs the following items:

Two identical pens
BB pellets (that you use with a BB Gun)
One bottle of water
a piece of tissue
Once you have these items you can go to watch the video where Calen explains the whole routine and the creation of the gimmick. Once you have made this, you will have it for life.

Enjoy the routine!!

Pen Through Bottle Making the Gimmick

This trick needs you to create a gimmick. The pen is the gimmick.

You take one of the pens and remove the end dragging out the ink cartridge with it. Deposit this ink cartridge into the bin, (with a piece of tissue paper to stop the ink from spilling out everywhere) and fill the body of the pen with as many BB pellets as you can so the end of the pen can fit back tightly.

Once you have created the gimmick, watch how Calen Morreli performs this neat little trick.

Let us watch the video below to see how the trick is performed.

The secret is in the science of water which helps to refract and hide the pen.

You will need to learn the presentation of the trick to perform it well but once mastered you will surprise and baffle your spectators or friends that you have made a pen move from your hand into a bottle full of water.  The bottle of water can be examined to see that this really has happened.

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