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How To Perfome Gravity Defying Spoon And Fork Trick

How To Perfome Gravity Defying Spoon And Fork Trick |2019|

Gravity Defying Spoon And Fork Trick

This is a trick that enables you to appear to defy the laws of physics .Using common dinner utensils and making them appear to hover in mid air on the edge of a glass.Gravity Defying Spoon And Fork Trick

You Will Need:

  • A spoon
  • A fork
  • A matchstick (preferably square bodied type)
  • A wide-mouthed glass


  1. Find a large glass that has quite a bit of mass to it. It is better if the glass has a wide mouth with a tapered bottom.
  2. Fill the glass at least half full of liquid. Remember that the entire weight of the cutlery will be supported on one single point on the outside edge of the glass.
  3. Gravity Defying Spoon And Fork Trick

    How To Perform Gravity Defying Spoon And Fork Trick

    Take the fork and spoon and “hook” them together using the first and last tines of the fork to overlap the spoon. The handle ends must both point in the same direction, making a very crude boomerang shape when the two utensils are connected together.

  4. Place the matchstick in the most central position possible. Ensure that it is still touching the spoon. Leave as much of the matchstick sticking towards the centre of the “boomerang” shape as possible.
  5. Balance the resulting apparatus. Take the whole kit and ( this next part is tricky ) balance the matchstick on the edge of the glass with the two handle ends pointing back towards the glass. Note that the matchstick will be horizontal.
  6. How To Perform Gravity Defying Spoon And Fork Trick

    How To Perform Gravity Defying Spoon And Fork Trick

  7. Make the apparatus balance by moving the matchstick from side to side, as well as closer to and farther away from the glass.

  8. The reason that your audience believe it is defying gravity is the fact that they believe it is balancing relative to the entire glass, rather than just one edge of it. They are technically fooling themselves.Gravity Defying Spoon And Fork Trick


You may need to experiment with different forks and spoons as not every fork & spoon will slot together

Another way of performing this trick is to use two forks and put a quarter ( or other medium sized coin ) between the middle slot of the two forks when they are held together and balance this in the same way as explained above.

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