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Sponge Ball-Magic Trick Easy And Simple

Sponge Ball-Magic Trick Easy And Simple

This is a classic sponge ball magic trick. It is very easy and always amazes people. You can often walk around with sponge balls in your pocket ready to perform a few tricks with them.

This trick gives you a very good start to learn how to use the sponge-balls in a way that not only amazes but leaves the spectator wondering how the extra ball came to be in their hand.

The secret of this trick is using what we call a retention vanish. That means that the object does not leave the hand as it appears to but stays in the palm of your hand.

One way of performing this trick is by utilising a thumb palm; this move is also that used when performing coin tricks.  It is also called a thumb pinch. Whichever way you name it, the ball is left in your hand by holding it with your thumb and first finger.

So the method is this..

You hold the ball at the ends of your first and middle finger and you move this stance towards the palm of your other hand.

You slowly close your fingers around the ball and at the same time bring the ball back into your hand and curl your fingers, from here you can pinch the ball with your thumb and first finger.

You then open up your fingers back into the curled up fingers of your hand and pick up the other ball left on the table.

Place this ball in the hand which holds the ball and squeeze them together, and then place this package in the hand of a volunteer..

Click your fingers and pretend that the ball has travelled from your hand into the spectator’s.

This trick is easy to learn, but requires you to practice often.

Let us watch the demonstration below, and you can then try it for yourself.

Sponge Ball Magic Trick Recap
The demonstration was very concise but hopefully you will get a feel of how the trick works.

Sponge Ball Magic Trick
You need to come up with some nice patter and word it well. People have seen this trick before but put your own technique and laughs into the mix and this will help you in your development.

From here you can learn more tricks with more balls.

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