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Straw and Ring Trick-Very Easy Yo Can Do

Straw and Ring Trick-Very Easy Yo Can Do

The Straw and Ring trick is a penetration miracle that you can perform on the street and is taught here by Jay Sankey.

The setup is easy and will require you to make a small gimmick which we explain below.

The idea of the trick is that you have a straw and a borrowed ring, you thread the ring onto the straw and bend the straw in half. Then you attempt to steal the ring off the straw and then reattach the ring back onto the straw.

It is a clever trick and the gimmick is easy to make; you can carry it on your person and it is easily hidden ready to perform.

Let us watch the video below and learn how to perform this brilliant trick. Our thanks to Jay Sankey for his thorough teaching, technique and showing us his amazing magic trick.

So the setup is this. You need to have two straws and a borrowed ring, along with sellotape and scissors.

Take the first straw and cut about a third of it with a pair of scissors.  You then take this piece, fold it in half and attach the sellotape to stop it unfolding.  This is the gimmick you will use in the trick.

You then gently press your hands together and with your fingers grab the gimmick from your right hand pulling it into your left hand, and at the same time push the ring and straw into your right hand and hide the straw behind your hand and wrist.

Use your thumb and first finger to hide the straw around the ring.  You then show this ring and the gimmicked straw to portray the illusion that the ring has escaped the straw.

It is a brilliant trick and one you can carry around with you when performing on the street or in restaurants; if you perform this trick in a restaurant, you can even make this gimmick on the night so you can use the straws the restaurant use.

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