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Swing Cut Card Control Technique

Swing Cut Card Control Technique

The Swing Cut is a method for cutting a deck of cards without the need of a table. It is used within many other more complicated cut sequences as well.

It is a starting move where you grip the deck in your hand and using your first finger and thumb, you swing half the pack to the left and then grip that pile in your other hand.  You then place the other pile of cards on top.

It is used in numerous tricks where you need to place a selected card into the deck. If you know the bottom card then it places this bottom card on top of the chosen card.

It looks very professional when done correctly. Its uses are numerous and I am sure that once you have mastered the technique, you will use it many times in your routines.

Thanks go to the magician 52kards for developing the tutorial video.  He explains the trick very well.

Let us watch the video below and learn how to perform the Swing-Cut Technique.

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