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Time Warp Card Magic Trick

Time Warp Card Magic Trick

This trick is one of the greatest visual close up magic tricks of our generation which you can have in your repertoire.  As you will see the simple preparation and handling will leave you ready to perform and leave you clean Time Warp Card Magic Trick.

The evidence is left in your chosen spectator’s hands. So what are you waiting for. Go and grab two cards you do not want and let us get into the performance and secret of this trick. As with all tricks, it is best to practice in front of a mirror so you can watch yourself perform.

The Effect

You get two cards which can have the same backs or you can use cards from different decks, it is your decision.  They are folded in half (one length ways and the other width ways), and the width ways folded card is placed inside the length ways folded card.

Time Warp Recap

This trick is great for walking around the tables at restaurants; this trick always provokes big reactions from the people you perform it to.

Time Warp Card Trick

There are many ways of performing this trick, including using a paper note of currency that you can fold around the card.

People have been performing this wonderful piece of magic for years and still the audiences and spectators are baffled regarding how it is done.  It leaves them bewildered and confused; how does the card switch sides like that inside another card?  They often think three cards are used in this trick. We know, however, that it is only two cards and that is the secret really.

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