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Wallet Prediction Card Simple Trick

Wallet Prediction Card Trick

The Wallet Prediction Card Trick is a very simple impromptu card trick that packs just enough punch to illicit a great reaction out of a spectator or volunteer.

It is fun, easy, and will not require too much practice. The spectator deals out the cards face down one at a time until they feel they should stop.  The rest of the cards are set to one side.

All you need to perform this trick is a deck of cards, one wallet and a business card on which you write down a prediction. The business card can be left so the volunteer knows who you are.  It is self promotion at its best.

You then bring out your wallet and place it on top of the cards and you reveal a business card from the wallet…

Wallet Prediction Card Trick

On the card is a prediction of the card they will stop on.  You then reveal the prediction matches the card they stopped on.

Wallet Prediction Card Trick recap

So let us recap the trick and the method.

  • Preparation.. write on the back of a business card or on paper a prediction “You will stop at the (insert the card value)
  • Remove the card from the deck and place your prediction into the wallet and the card underneath the wallet.  Place both into your pocket ready for the trick.
  • Get the spectator to shuffle the cards and then deal them out face down until they feel they have selected one.
  • You place the card/wallet onto the pile and show spectators your prediction.
  • Turn over the playing card to show that it matches the prediction.

Now all you need to do is learn it and practice, practice, practice until you can perform it brilliantly.  It is always best to practice your tricks in front of a mirror so you can watch yourself perform and can judge your angles more accurately.

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